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Greek Fisherman caps for Fall and Winter include the fully lined wool Greek Fisherman Cap on hand. Imported from the Aegean Region of Greece, this hat brings with it more than a hint the Mediterranean. Our leather Greek Fisherman cap is another fully lined hat, made in the authentic Greek style, but is actually
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Aegean Leather Greek...

Aegean Wool Greek Fisherman - image
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Aegean Greek Fiddler - image
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Aegean Greek Fiddler

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Aegean Greek Admiral

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crafted in the USA, and is available in Black or Brown. The superior quality is evident throughout, starting with the choice of fine base materials and culminating with superior brim and crown detailing, which includes classic embroidered designs and doubled-back braided cord trim.

There's also The Greek Fiddler, a wool fisherman's cap to consider. Imported from Greece, this cap is fully lined and comes in Black only. If you're looking for something with a bit of pizzazz, there's the wool Greek Fisherman cap with fancy gold embroidery that might do very nicely. Called The Admiral, and in your choice of Black or Navy, this lined cap also has a tonal sutash braid and cord trim.