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Yes, real men wear berets. And also men who aren't so real wear berets. Take The Basque for instance, a beret made of 100% wool. This absolutely authentic rendition of the uber-traditional French headwear has long been worn by male artists (including painters, sculptors and directors of prodigious talent -- as well as those with admittedly more fashion sense than actual artistic ability). The Anglo-Basque is a Kangol beret, and is [more]
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another take on the cap, this one made in Britain. You know that the beret is also the headgear of choice for much of the militia around the world, including revolutionaries, special forces and others of that ilk. If you think about it, this little cap sure does appeal to very different sets of folks: the lovers and the fighters.

Be that as it may, berets are suitable for any season, and both styles offered here are fully lined and soft enough to roll up in your pocket when not being worn. Remember, only a beret can be called a beret. No other men's cap, say like a newsboy or ivy cap, can pretend to be a beret. With our bona fide berets offered at highly affordable prices, you can now build your very own international headwear collection and vive la difference!