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Experience Biltmore Hats this Winter 2016 (F/W). These new hats for the season are all made in Texas and ship directly from there, so you'll have to allow a few extra days for delivery. When you see your fedora, like The Detroit, a fur felt hat with that Rossellini finish that brings out the nap in the fur for a soft and irresistible feel, your patience will be rewarded. This dress hat features a raw edge brim and tonal grosgrain ribbon trim with feather.

The Sanford has a distinctive profile with its generous snap brim measuring 2 1/2 inches. The satin-lined dress hat is another with a suede finish and is trimmed with a grosgrain band, feather and Biltmore pin. If you like that Rossellini finish, and want to see it in a stingy brim hat, take a look at The New York. This fur felt fedora has a narrow 1 5/8 inch brim and is trimmed and finished just the way you'd expect: with a grosgrain ribbon, bow and Biltmore pin, and fitted with a leather sweatband and satin lining.

For a different finish, you might wish to consider The Chicago. This fur felt hat feels like silk with a short hair finish called the Eleganza. The brim is just over two inches with a raw edge, and the satin-lined hat has a leather sweat and is trimmed with a grosgrain band and bow.

Biltmore offers some pork pie hats in fur felt too, including one stingy brim called The LA, done with that fabulous Rossellini finish and available in your choice of Black or Cognac. The Orleans is a fur felt hat with a smooth finish, and a very traditional pork pie look with a stingy 1 7/8" brim and trim with feather and Biltmore pin.

When your hat rack needs a derby, The Winston will do just fine. This fur felt dress hat has the Biltmore patented Rossellini finish, so it's soft to the touch. It's a perfect replica of the classic style too, with a 2 5/8 inch bound brim, grosgrain trim with feather and Biltmore pin, leather sweatband and satin lining.