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Santana Pinch Front Shantung - The Borealis - image

Santana Pinch Front...

Carlos Santana Men's Panama Hat - The Sacred Fire Fedora - image

Carlos Santana Men's...

Santana Fedora - The Salvador - image

Santana Fedora

Santana Porkpie - The Healer - image

Santana Porkpie

The Santana Coco - image

The Santana Coco

The Santana Nebula - image

The Santana Nebula

The Santana Utopia - image

The Santana Utopia

The Santana Zen - image

The Santana Zen

The Santana Bodi - image

The Santana Bodi

The Santana Haight - image

The Santana Haight

Santana Fur Felt Ltd. Edition Borealis - image

Santana Fur Felt Ltd....

Santana Fur Felt Fedora - The Essential - image

Santana Fur Felt...

Santana Fur Felt Fedora - The Soul Sacrifice - image

Santana Fur Felt...

Nat Nast Silk Shirt - The Santana Spirit Of Passion - image

Nat Nast Silk...

Carlos Santana Men's Cotton Cadet Cap - The Spirit - image

Carlos Santana Men's...

The fedoras from legendary guitarist, Carlos Santana, are offered in two collections: this premium series called Santana, and the popularly priced collection called Carlos by Santana -- and we have both Fall/Winter Season 2015 season for your shopping pleasure. The Eclipse is new this year from Santana, a pinch front wool felt fedora with a fancy two-tone trim and really interesting wool felt/cotton braid brim. It's available in your choice of Black or White, but we'll warn you up front: that decision will hurt a little. Another new Santana hat for the season is

called The Solstice, and thankfully this wool felt pork pie with leather trim and antique heart pin is available only in Black. It's a stingy brim hat with a fancy covered underbrim, and you'll see the lion crest on the satin lining.

For a fur felt Santana hat, The Borealis will do quite nicely. This is a limited edition dress hat offered (until sold out) in your choice of Limestone or Dove. The pinch front is elegant balanced by a raw edge brim and fancy embroidered ribbon band with pin. If you'd like a fur felt fedora with a stingy 1 5/8" brim, take a look at The Eternal. This black Santana dress hat is brightened by fancy grosgrain trim with a "Navajo" overlay, and take a look at the design of the satin lining!

Another Santana fedora sure to delight is The Cosmos, a teardrop crown hat in fur felt. The rich, dark brown of this hat with a raw edge brim has a ribbon band with multi-color stitching, and the embroidered satin tip sticker is just an added bonus. For something a little different, take a look at The Chant. This fur felt hat has a diamond crown with a stingy, bound edge brim. The fancy ribbon trim with bow and pin adds a nice pop of color, and the fedora boasts finishing touches that include an embossed leather sweatband and embroidered satin lining with guitar screenprint.

Back by demand this year is a hat called The Essential, and you'll find it's just that when you see this fedora in fur felt with its center crease and trim that features a ribbon overlay with a colorful Abraxas Angel pin. If you're looking for a little wisdom in your hat, take a look at the wool felt fedora with its teardrop crown and two inch brim. Called The Wisdom, it features a grosgrain band with ribbon overlay, leather sweatband and unique Santana style touches including an Abraxas Angel pin and matching Abraxas Angel screen print on the satin lining.

An all-time favorite Santana has around here is The Soul Sacrifice, a fur felt dress hat. Done in a rich navy, its only splash of color (on the outside) is the signature Abraxas Angel on the bow, as well as a line of contrast stitching that runs along the top of the trim. As one happy customer wrote: "This is a well-made, hip yet sophisticated fedora. It keeps its shape and can be dressed up or down. Well done, Mr. Santana."