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Dobbs Hats of Texas. They make men's hats in fur felt and wool felt, they make them in America, and they make them very well. Take The Temptation, for example. This fur felt dress hat is the only silk finish fedora in the Dobbs line. It's got a very nice hand, leather sweatband and satin lining. Offered in Black only, it's as one satisfied customer wrote, a: "Beautiful hat. Highly recommended." Then there's The Broadstreet, which is another fine specimen of a fedora, also in fur felt. The crown is tapered with a soft pinch and the finish is a smooth velour. The slim brim has a welt edge and the self-band trim is elegant with just a pop of color with the feather and Dobbs pin.

There's another stylish fur felt hat back by demand this season called The Dayton. It has a center-creased clutch front, wide grosgrain band with feather, and two-inch snap brim with underwelt, and is a kind of dress-for-success hat you can use for daily wear. One happy customer who bought this hat for her husband told us: "My husband loves this hat--the quality is excellent--he wears it every day."

If it's a classic pinch front, 'C'-block, stingy brim fur felt fedora you need to complete your hat rack, The Jett 707 certainly fits the bill on all counts. It's a "blast from the past" hat and if it makes you all weak in the knees, don't be alarmed. It's just your savvy for truly fine hats showing. Another classic hat is The Fleetwood, a wool felt derby that's just the ticket for a night on the town. Get it in Black or White; both are finished with tonal ribbon trim with bow and feather and a bound upturned brim.