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Why, you ask, do we keep fall tweed caps and winter hats all year long? For two reasons, really: the first is that no matter how hot you are, somewhere in the world, there's a blizzard raging. The second reason is that (although I never have) some people actually plan ahead, and

buy birthday and Christmas gifts six months in advance -- I kid you not.

Thus we have some of the warmest winter hats in the world on hand, including fur bombers and troopers and aviator hats for men, throughout the seasons at We also continue to offer tweed hats and caps every month of the year, like ivy caps and newsboys, as well as walking hats with quilted noggin-warming linings. Our wool hat collection ranges from berets to caps with hidden earflaps for those just-in-case times. is nothing if not customer convenience. Not only can you buy hats 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but you can buy winter hats in summer. You can order troopers when it's hot as hades (or 100 degrees in the shade) -- we hardly ever laugh out loud.

If you need fur hats and wool caps when straw and cotton have taken over the hat world, it's nobody's business but yours and any comments we make will be strictly out of earshot. Urgently seeking a tweed cap but everybody else is shooing you off to the Scottish Isles of Lewis and Harris? We have said hand loomed fabric readily available whenever you want it, right here, right now. Go ahead. Try me.