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Fur Felt Hats

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Fur felt hats for men are at once stylish and durable, and we've got a great selection of fur felt hats for the Fall/Winter season. There's The Mader, for example, a low profile pinch-front crown fedora, from Bailey Hats. Made from fur felt, it features a raw edge snap brim, grosgrain trim and satin lining, and offered in three colors including Imperial Blue. Another great fur felt hat from Bailey is called The Olin. Crafted from superior fur felt, this hat features a long teardrop crown, and like The Mader, it too has a raw edge snap brim with elegant ribbon trim. Borsalino returns with The Traveller, an elegant open crown melusine fur felt fedora in Navy Blue. Made in Italy, it's an unlined hat with grosgrain trim, bow and sweatband.

Stetson weighs in with a couple of truly incredible hats in fur felt, both new this year. The Ripley is a Royal deluxe fur felt hat in Natural with an orange band, perfect for the season. The brim has a tonal bound edge and the dress fedora is finished with a leather sweatband and satin lining. Stetson has also crafted a hat in a shade named Butterscotch, called Le Chiffre, from the same soft Royal fur felt. The comfort-enhancing finishes of satin and leather are used in this fedora, and the ribbon trim and bound brim match perfectly.

The line of fur felt hats from Santana by Carlos Santana that we have on hand this year include The Borealis, a limited edition fedora, and The Cosmos with its teardrop crown, both of which hats feature embroidered trim and raw edge brims, and are (somewhat unusually for Santana) made in Texas. Other Santana hats that are worth a second or third look are a stingy brim hat called Chant, and The Eternal, a fedora with a fancy grosgrain trim featuring a "Navajo" overlay.

We've brought back the Stetson Stratoliner this year, a very popular classic hat first made in the 1940's and re-issued with a teardrop crown and slim grosgrain ribbon trim. The reviews are in on this hat, and read:
  • The Stratoliner is a beautiful hat. The fabric is luxurious. Wonderful color.
  • Another great looking hat from Stetson.
  • The Stratoliner is a great looking, stylish hat. Anyone looking for a fur felt hat need look no further!
  • I am a custom hat aficionado, and my Stratoliner is a sweet addition.
  • This is a great looking hat!!! I own three of these hats. Stetson is my hat of choice.

Traditional styles do well in fur felt of course, like The Bowler, a classic replica hat from Christys' London. The stiff black bowler hat is made from the best fur felt money can buy, and it shows. For the most traditional hat of all, the top hat, take a look at the rendition in fur felt by Christys' London. It's a highly polished melusine top hat in true Edwardian style and it's made in England (as it should be).

Really, there is absolutely nothing like fur felt for men's hats.