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Fur Hats

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Paul Leinburd Leather Cap - The Fur Trimmed Cap - image

Paul Leinburd Leather...
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The Paul Leinburd/Crown Cap Vintage Rabbit Lined Bomber - image

The Paul...

Fur hats for men include pilot-style winter hats like The Leather Pilot from Woolrich. This warmly lined hat is made from durable leather and features genuine rabbit fur trim and earflaps. Another bombardier hat is available from Paul Leinburd/Crown Cap, and it too is crafted from leather and features fur-lined earflaps and trim. Customers like the quality and fit, with one review that reads: "My husband has a largish

head and it's quite difficult finding hats in his size. I gave him the hat as an anniversary gift and he was very pleased that it fit. The quality was very nice."

If it's a fur-trimmed cap you're looking for, Leinburd/Crown Cap offers one in a rugged, antique leather. It features a quilted lining and the earflaps, which are lined with rabbit fur, stay neatly out of the way with leather ties. As one satisfied customer said: "The Leinburd cap w/rabbit fur trim that I received fits perfectly and is of very high quality."

For warm elegance, The Ambassador is the winter hat of choice. Made from genuine Persian lambs wool, and fully lined with a plush, quilted lining, you can pull down the hidden woolen ear band for added warmth. Another cold weather dress hat is The Diplomat. Made of tough, plush sheepskin shearling, the fur trim can be pulled down around your ears and neck for extra protection and warmth. Customers who have bought this hat say:
  • This is a very warm and comfortable hat. I have received many compliments, especially on cold winter days. I love this hat!
  • This is a good looking, comfortable and well made hat. I recommend it without reservation.
  • A beautiful, soft, comfortable match to any brown or camel topcoat. Great features for cold weather use [at a reasonable] price.

When you place your order for your fur hat, remember to stock up on ear muffs! It's always good to have an extra pair on hand when it's cold out there.