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Greek Fisherman

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Aegean Greek Fiddler - image

Aegean Greek Fiddler

Aegean Leather Greek Fisherman - image

Aegean Leather Greek...

Aegean Wool Greek Fisherman - image

Aegean Wool Greek...

Aegean Poplin Greek Fisherman - image

Aegean Poplin Greek...

Greek Fisherman and yachting caps at for the Fall/Winter 2015 season are ready for your order, and include two authentic wool caps by Aegean. Both are warm and fully lined; they're fitted with leather sweatbands and bring with them a hint of the Mediterranean in several color options. The Greek Admiral, also by Aegean of Greece, is a fully lined wool Greek Fisherman's cap with embroidered detail.

For something a little different, we also offer The Greek Fiddler, a wool fisherman's fiddle cap. It's fully lined and imported from Aegean in Greece. A perennial favorite is the finely crafted Greek Fisherman cap in leather. This is another fully lined hat, made in the authentic Greek style -- but is actually made in the USA. Available in your choice of Black or Brown, note the superior brim and crown detailing, which includes classic embroidered designs and doubled-back braided cord trim.