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Hat Cleaning Supplies - The Bickmore Cleaning Kit - image

Hat Cleaning...

Bickmore Hat Cleaner - The Hat Cleaner - image

Bickmore Hat...

Stain Repellant - Gard More - image

Stain Repellant

Hat Cleaner - Nustraw Hat Cleaner - image

Hat Cleaner

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Hat Stiffener

Hat Brush - The Light Or Dark Hat Brush - image

Hat Brush

Hat Stretcher - The Hat Jack - image

Hat Stretcher

The whole topic of hat care products, such as hat carriers and men's hats stretchers, is a pretty sensitive subject with me, but only because I care. I care deeply about customer satisfaction, of course, but even more than that, I care about

hats. Deeply. Yes, I'm getting somewhat personal here, but my philosophy is this: take care of your hat, and it will take care of you.

It's because I care that I have for you items such as the Bickmore Hat Cleaning Kit, a product that comes with all the necessities to brush and clean your straw dress hats, western hats or winter hats, including a bristle hat brush, one can of Ultra-X hat cleaner, and one can of Gard-More water and stain repellent.

I carry hat cleaner separately too, so you'll find The Bickmore Hat Cleaner for use on dark fur felt hats; a bottle of Nustraw to clean straw hats; and a can of Gard More which will help protect your hats from water and oil based stains in the first place. To breathe life back into a somewhat shapeless, but dearly loved felt hat, I'd personally recommend another product carried by Bickmore, The Hat Stiffener, from Kahl and Sons. Another item I use faithfully is Duck Back Dressing to renew the waterproofing on my oilskin hats. Made by The Outback Trading Company, the cream seals seams and also helps restore rain repellent qualities inherent in oil skin hats.

Hats. No matter how old they get, you'll never stop worrying about them. Thanks for caring.