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Woolrich Earflap Cap - The Oil Cloth Earflap Cap - image

Woolrich Earflap...

The Bailey Mader - image

The Bailey Mader

Jb Stetson 150th Anniversary Belfast Ivy Cap - image

JB Stetson 150th...
$150.00   $105.00

Kangol Cap - The Leather Ivy Cap - image

Kangol Cap

Every hat style you can think (and some you probably can't) is in our collection this year, from walking hats (usually stingy brims in tweed, but you'll see a couple of canvas safaris and even a fur felt Tyrolean) to berets and pork pies (also known as skimmers or boaters) to winter trooper hats and bombardiers in leather and fur for ultimate warmth. Many of these hats come in larger sizes, and we've created two pages for extra-large hats: one for Fall/Winter, which you'll find at 2X & 3X Sizes F/W, and the other for Spring/Summer hats at 2X & 3X Sizes S/S. That way, no matter the time of year or size of head, you'll be able to get the hat you want, in the size you want.

In addition to actual winter hats, like Envoys, knit caps, hats with pull down earflaps, and aviators, we've got a nice selection of hats perfect for Fall. In addition to rain hats and leather caps and hats, these include hats in wool felt, wool and of course tweed. With just enough warmth and protection from the weather, these hats and caps are stylish and made to last. Many make it to our best sellers list exactly because they're great looking, high quality hats and caps that are comfortable too.

Under a general heading of caps, there are of course several individual styles. Obviously ball caps leap to mind, but there are cadet caps too. Some people call Greek Fisherman hats caps, but either way, the wool or leather renditions are good for the season. Among the most popular caps are ivy caps, which are known as driving caps in some circles, and newsboys. Many of these you'll find winter-proofed with earflaps that drop down for added protection and warmth when needed.

The hats themselves also have several categories, some related specifically to style (like stingy brim hats, fedoras, safari-style hats and top hats) and other categories refer to the material that the hats are made from, such as fur felt hats, wool felt hats, and straw hats. Obviously some hats, like straw and Panama hats for instance, are better for Spring/Summer wear, so we've created Fedoras S/S and a category for hats Made in the USA S/S, with their Fall/Winter counterparts being Fedoras F/W and Made in USA F/W. Earmuffs are unto themselves as are cowboy and western style hats, and dress hats may be too subjective to be definitive, but we've tried our best.