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Straw Hats

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Scala Panama Hat - The Big Brim Gambler - image

Scala Panama Hat

Men's Shantung Center Dent Fedora - The Dobbs Center Dent - image

Men's Shantung Center...

Men's Shantung Gambler Hat - The Dobbs Kingston - image

Men's Shantung...

Men's Milan Fedora - The Dobbs Milan Parker - image

Men's Milan Fedora

Men's Milan Pinch Front Fedora - The Dobbs Rosebud - image

Men's Milan Pinch...

Men's Straw Wide Brim Hat - The Scala Lifeguard - image

Men's Straw Wide Brim...

Scala Outback - The Crocheted Raffia  Outback - image

Scala Outback

Men's Raffia Outback - The Joshua Raffia Outback - image

Men's Raffia...

Scala Organic Hat - The Matte Raffia Safari - image

Scala Organic Hat

Carlos Santana Men's Panama Hat - The Sacred Fire Fedora - image

Carlos Santana Men's...

Santana Fedora - The Salvador - image

Santana Fedora

Santana Porkpie - The Healer - image

Santana Porkpie

Carlos (Santana) - The Holistic - image

Carlos (Santana)

Biltmore Hemp Fedora - The Charleston - image

Biltmore Hemp...

Biltmore Hemp Pork Pie Hat - The Dijon - image

Biltmore Hemp Pork...

Biltmore Hemp Pork Pie Hat - The Memphis - image

Biltmore Hemp Pork...

Stitch Fedora - The Manhattan - image

Stitch Fedora

Stacy Adams Fedora - The Toyo Fedora - image

Stacy Adams Fedora

Stetson Panama Fedora - The Brewster - image

Stetson Panama...

The Bailey Guthrie - image

The Bailey Guthrie

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Having chosen men's straw hats to be your first spring/summer hat point of perusal this season (after deciding to save for later our very fine collections of Cotton/Linen Caps and Panama Hats), you are to be congratulated! Cool on hot days, straw hats for men range from dress hats to casual fedoras and walking hats. It's pretty amazing what they can do with a weed these days.