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Tommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama hats for the Spring/Summer season of 2014 are ready for some fun in the sun, and include a banana braid fedora with a nearly stingy two inch brim and dark grosgrain ribbon trim with marlin pin. Look inside the hat for the elasticized sweatband and trademark Relax tip sticker. Comfort and cool -- exactly what you'd expect from a designer self styled as the Purveyor of Island Lifestyles. If you'd like the same silhouette in toyo, Tommy Bahama offers a toyo fedora. The weave is open and the hat features everything from [more]
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the two inch brim and ribbon band with marlin pin to the comfortable elasticized sweatband.

For a straw hat, take a look at the Buri Braid Fedora from Tommy Bahama. Offered in natural, this walking hat with a narrow two inch brim has got a great ribbon overlay trim and boasts a marlin pin. A cotton sweat will keep you cool and the TB tip sticker is inside the crown. Another must-have summertime hat is an all linen fedora from the Tommy Bahama Relax line. Not only will you enjoy a larger 2 1/2 inch brim, contrast trim and marlin pin on this hat, but you'll also be able to make excellent use of the Caribbean Pain Killer Drink Recipe in the tip sticker.

You can even order an ivy cap from Tommy Bahama (if you hurry, that is), and it's made from 100% cotton. The brim is stitched down and the seams are detailed with contrast stitching. Mesh lining will keep you cool, and a pineapple crest in the tip with red background is a great finishing touch.