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Tommy Bahama

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Tommy Bahama Laid Back Fedora - image

Tommy Bahama Laid...

Tommy Bahama Linen Ivy Cap - image

Tommy Bahama Linen...

Tommy Bahama Buri Braid Fedora - image

Tommy Bahama Buri...

Tommy Bahama Paper Braid Fedora - image

Tommy Bahama Paper...

Tommy Bahama Fancy Paper Braid Fedora - image

Tommy Bahama Fancy...

Tommy Bahama Fine Panama - image

Tommy Bahama Fine Panama

Tommy Bahama Balibuntal Fedora - image

Tommy Bahama...

Tommy Bahama Open Weave Raffia Fedora - image

Tommy Bahama Open...

Tommy Bahama Raffia Fedora - image

Tommy Bahama Raffia...

Tommy Bahama Fedora - The Burnt Raffia Fedora - image

Tommy Bahama...

Tommy Bahama Fedora - The Matte Raffia Fedora - image

Tommy Bahama...

Tommy Bahama Narrow Brim Raffia Fedora - image

Tommy Bahama Narrow...

The Tommy Bahama Buri Braid Fedora - image

The Tommy Bahama Buri...

The Tommy Bahama Linen Fedora - image

The Tommy Bahama...

Tommy Bahama hats are always ready for some fun in the sun -- and for you, of course! From dress hats like the new Fine Panama Fedora, with its two tone grosgrain trim, marlin pin and elasticized sweatband for comfort, to the extremely casual Laid Back, a toyo hat with its jute bound brim and a trim of jute with faux leather, there's a hat for every occasion. In fact,

the Tommy Bahama linen ivy cap with contrast sewn down brim, might come in very handy at your next beach cocktail party -- the recipe for the "Bahama Blue" drink is right inside the crown!

When it's a stingy brim hat you're looking for, there's a paper braid fedora with a 1 1/2 inch brim that might do very well. This hat has a grosgrain ribbon trim with TB palm tree pin, pineapple screen print inside the crown and faux leather sweatband. There's a vented hat in buri braid that has an almost stingy brim at two inches that you might like too. This one has a jute trim with paper braid overlay, TB marlin pin and the Tommy Bahama "Relax" tip sticker.

More fedoras include one in a soft and pliable paper braid, with a fancy ribbon trim and fitted with an elasticized sweatband for additional comfort, and another made from balibuntal straw, this Tommy Bahama hat featuring a three-pleat cotton trim and TB marlin pin.

Raffia hats are comfortable for Spring/Summer wear, and we've got a nice selection for you, starting with a rugged fedora with a burnt raffia finish and canvas with leather trim. There's also The Burnt Raffia Fedora to consider, which is a Tommy Bahama fedora that features a burnt raffia overlay trim with a TB marlin pin. If you prefer your raffia matte, we've got that in way of a stylish raffia fedora with a jute and raffia trim and the Tommy Bahama tip sticker inside the crown. For a narrow brim walking hat, there's a raffia fedora with a two inch brim that's got the finishing touches you've come to expect, including a jute/raffia trim, TB marlin pin and tip sticker.

We've brought back a couple of favorite Tommy Bahama hats this year, including a buri braid fedora with a narrow brim and buri trim with ribbon overlay. This hat, which one customer calls an "interesting, unique braid hat," is finished with a cotton sweatband for added summertime comfort. For a great linen hat from the Tommy Bahama Relax line, you can't go wrong with one that has the recipe for a drink called the "Caribbean Pain Killer" in its tip sticker. Cheers!