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Top Hats

Top hats for men are certainly the most elegant form of traditional dress hat. Usually worn on very formal occasions and at special ceremonies including weddings, graduations and opening night galas, you'll see gentlemen sporting fur felt top hats as well as wool felt top hats. As a matter of fact,
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Men's Formal Top Hat In Wool Felt From Scala  - The Mad Hatter - image
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Scala Wool Felt Top Hat - The English Topper - image
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in certain circles men are still required to wear top hats (with morning suits) at horse races, like The Royal Ascot, thus retaining the long-established perceived connection between top hats and wealth, prestige, tradition and the aristocracy. Known as silk hats, toppers and even stove pipe hats (a la Abraham Lincoln, said to keep important documents inside his top hat while traveling on horse back), the crown of a top hat is distinctively tall with a flat top, while the brim nowadays is usually rather stingy and often turned up.

Here at, you'll find top hats in various materials and at price points to meet every fashion budget. If your magic show is lacking a suitable top hat in wool felt, we've got a couple of very nice styles for you to choose from. The rabbit for your top hat, however, must be ordered elsewhere.