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Winter Hats

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Jb Stetson Merino Wool Knit Cap - image

JB Stetson Merino...

Woolrich Ivy Cap - The Yukon Flats English Ivy Cap - image

Woolrich Ivy Cap

Woolrich Safari Hat - The Oil Cloth Safari - image

Woolrich Safari...

Woolrich Heritage Plaid Ball Cap - image

Woolrich Heritage...

Paul Leinburd Leather Cap - The Fur Trimmed Cap - image

Paul Leinburd Leather...
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Leinburd/Crown Cap Earmuffs - The Pure Mink Ear Muffs - image

Leinburd/Crown Cap...

Woolrich Wool Blend Trooper - The Heritage Plaid Aviator - image

Woolrich Wool Blend...

Woolrich Wool Cap - The Heritage Plaid Cap With Earflaps - image

Woolrich Wool Cap

Winter hats for men for the Fall/Winter season include such masterpieces as The Persian Envoy, a dress winter hat from Leinburd/Crown Cap. It's all warm elegance in this genuine Persian lambs wool hat, which is fully lined with a plush quilted lining, and there's a woolen pull-down ear band for added warmth. Also from Leinburd/Crown Cap and made in Canada, is one of the best cold weather hats, bar none: The Shearling Diplomat. Made from durable, but comfortable sheepskin shearling, this plush winter hat has a

fur trim that can be pulled down to protect your ears and neck, and is extremely warm.

JB Stetson introduces The Byers, a leather cadet cap warmly lined with micro fleece (same material as the drop down earflaps). It's a rugged cap, designed to last and keep you warm, but it's fashionable too. You can get this leather winter cap in an ivy cap design too. It's also got the warm fleece lining and drop down earlaps. When you need a simple knit cap, Stetson offers a wool blend with leather peak, as well as a traditional watch cap in 100% merino wool with a large knit cuff.

If that kind of coverage isn't required on a milder winter day, there's a Woolrich hat called The Oil Coth Safari. This hat is made with weather resistant oil cloth and is warmly trimmed with fleece. Earflaps drop down for additional protection when required. For the same thing in an ivy cap, take a look at The Yukon Flats where you get classic styling and weather protection with fleece lining and earflaps.

Woolrich also brings you an oil cloth cap with sherpa earflaps to cover all your weather-related bases. If it's an oil cloth ball cap you're after, check out the one with sherpa lining from Woolrich called (what else?) The Oil Cloth Ball Cap. The classic embroidery at front-and-center gives this weather-fighting ball cap a stylish look. From the Heritage Collection, there's a satin-lined Irish cap called The Wool Blend Ascot. This rugged wool blend cap will keep you warm while also lending an air of stylish sophistication.

In our never-ending quest to keep you and your head warm, we're ready for your order for such winter hats from Woolrich as The Leather Pilot, a rugged aviator-style trooper in lambskin with rabbit fur earflaps. You can also depend on those Canadians to make great winter caps, and the Paul Leinburd/Crown Cap model is sure to please. Made from rugged, antique leather, the drop down earflaps are lined with rabbit fur and tie up when not required. The cap is quilted and the comfort is undeniable. If you require a little more weather protection, you may also wish to consider The Leather Bombardier, which is a classic winter hat with a rabbit fur front that snaps into place and fur-lined earflaps with leather tie and buckle to snug it all up.

A pair of mink earmuffs from Leinburd/Crown Cap might be great to have on hand too. Whether for yourself and or to give as a gift, they're sure to be warmly appreciated.