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Wool Hats & Caps

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Mens Melton Newsboy Cap -  The Capas 8/4 Melton Newsboy - image

Mens Melton Newsboy...

Mens Wool Tweed Eight Panel Cap - The Capas 8/4 Tweed Newsboy - image

Mens Wool Tweed Eight...

The Capas Big Apple Melton Cap - image

The Capas Big Apple...

The Capas Big Apple Wool Tweed Cap - image

The Capas Big Apple...

Men's Winter Ivy Cap - The Borsalino Doria Earlap - image

Men's Winter Ivy...

Woolrich Wool Cap - The Heritage Plaid Cap With Earflaps - image

Woolrich Wool Cap

Aegean Wool Greek Fisherman - image

Aegean Wool Greek...

Aegean Greek Fiddler - image

Aegean Greek Fiddler

Aegean Greek Admiral - image

Aegean Greek Admiral

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The wool hats and caps in our Fall/Winter 2015 collection are ready for your wearing delight!