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CH19 - Christys' Fur Felt Fedora - The Foldaway

Review Title: My Favorite Hat
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Dec 17, 2013
Posted By: SWN
Location: Beaufort, SC United States
Comments: I am so grateful to have found this hat. I have had one exactly like it for about 10 years under a different brand (Italian), and it is by far my favorite cool weather hat, but I had been concerned about what I would do if it was ever lost.

These hats gain character over the years and always look great.I travel a lot, and I just stuff the hat into the overhead bin on the airplane. The cylindrical tube is a nice touch but entirely unnecessary. I get positive comments almost daily when I wear it. It's formal enough to wear with a suit or a sports coat but also informal enough to wear with jeans.
Review Title: It surprised me!
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Apr 16, 2013
Posted By: Christopher C.
Location: Crescent City, CA United States
Comments: This is a good example of why you wait awhile before reviewing something. I bought this 9 months ago and it was my first nice hat. Later I felt a bit disappointed. It seemed just not substantial enough to warrant its price tag. I did not really know what "crushable" meant. When it came in a tube I was surprised, but realized it really holds it shape very well. I wore it around and kept trying to make it look like a dress hat. It is not really a fancy dress hat. It is a great everyday hat with class, style and a bit of attitude. I think it looks best with no tie and maybe even jeans. It is supposed to look just a little rumpled, not perfect like a lined hat. Think of a 1940s detective or newspaper reporter. I constantly get favorable compliments on this hat and can take it anywhere. It is definitely in my top 2-3 of all favorite hats.