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STC60 - JB Stetson Ivy Rain Cap - The Drizzler

Review Title: Sharp!
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Jun 17, 2015
Posted By: RC
Location: Fort Wash, MD United States
Comments: I have been trying to find a rain cap like this for a while now. Recently purchased one but the sizes were not true to form. Well this one is, and it's really sharp looking too! Almost made me want to buy all the colors.
Review Title: Excellent Cap and Service
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Dec 29, 2014
Posted By: HogBob
Location: Conway, AR United States
Comments: I ordered this cap in XXL. I have a hard time finding hats or caps that fit me because I wear a 7 7/8 or an 8. This cap fit perfectly. Looks good, too. I am totally satisfied. Service from was excellent.
Review Title: Great Cap
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Jan 30, 2014
Posted By: David L.
Location: Denver, CO United States
Comments: This is a super rain cap. I now have two. They hold up well, protect against the rain and look GREAT.
Review Title: Drizzler Hat
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Dec 24, 2013
Posted By: Robert M.
Location: Warsaw, IN United States
Comments: Enjoy having the hat. Wish other colors were available in my size.
Review Title: Great Hat
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Nov 30, 2013
Posted By: Alex
Location: Conowingo, MD United States
Comments: I like this hat so much I've bought four. This shouldn't speak poorly on the quality as I'm an industrial mechanic and can have heavy abuse days. Mine go through the wash on a regular basis with no ill effects. No complaints about the hat itself. More color selection would be nice, but not really a good reason to reduce the rating.
Review Title: Stetson Rain Cap
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Jun 19, 2013
Posted By: Arthur Z.
Location: Rockaway Park, NY United States
Comments: Needed rain-proof cap that could fold in coat pocket easily but would still look great when needed. This cap fits the bill. (I ordered it in Tan and may consider getting it in Black as well). I would recommend highly.
Review Title: Great Service
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Mar 28, 2013
Posted By: Steve W.
Location: San Jose, CA United States
Comments: Second time I have purchased a hat from and I gotta say I am very happy with the quality of their hats and how quick they are to fill the orders and get them shipped. I will certainly buy from them again in the future.
Review Title: A Happy Ending
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Mar 15, 2013
Posted By: Peter G.
Location: New York, NY United States
Comments: I ordered a Borsalino cap, or thought I did, and got a Stetson Drizzler instead. But it's been a rainy late winter in New York and the Stetson worked out fine.
Review Title: THE Go-To Rain Cap
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Jan 08, 2013
Posted By: Rick T.
Location: Atlanta, GA United States
Comments: The Drizzler is snug and comfortable. It's my go-to cap when it looks like rain, or when running errands on the weekend. Quality materials. I kinda get a kick out of looking at the rain drops bead up!
Review Title: Excellent
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Dec 07, 2012
Posted By: Charles
Location: Easton, MA United States
Comments: I bought the Stetson Drizzler along with two other hats and have worn all three. It is interesting to note that despite the same size, they fit a bit differently. The materials and colors of each are excellent. I know I will get years of pleasure from wearing them.
Review Title: Fine Hat
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Oct 20, 2012
Posted By: William R.
Location: Creal Springs, IL United States
Comments: Fine hat. Excellent purchase.
Review Title: Very Nice Hat
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Oct 18, 2012
Posted By: Milt S.
Location: Colonie, NY United States
Comments: Very nice hat, especially at the price I paid. Already got positive comments.
Review Title: Top Toppers
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Oct 17, 2012
Posted By: William K.
Location: Edwardsville, IN United States
Comments: I've never worn this type of hat before, although in the past, I've been given two of them as presents--they always lingered away in the back of my closet. But, now, I love my two new Stetsons and wear them at every opportunity--one, come rain, the other, come shine.
Review Title: Great Fitting Hat
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Sep 24, 2012
Posted By: Norm M.
Location: Kansas City, MO United States
Comments: This is probably the best fitting and best quality hat for the money I've ever purchased!
Review Title: Great Caps!
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Aug 23, 2012
Posted By: Alexandra C.
Location: Tacoma, WA United States
Comments: He loved them. I will buy more.
Review Title: Good Spring/Fall Cap
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Jul 18, 2012
Posted By: Ronald W.
Location: Sandusky, OH United States
Comments: A very good spring and fall cap. Temperatures have reached triple digits currently and there is little breathability in the cap (but I did want waterproof). I would reccommend this cap.
Review Title: Stetson Cotton Ivy - The Drizzler
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Jul 04, 2012
Posted By: Gordon L.
Location: Franklin, TN United States
Comments: Very satisfied.
Review Title: Stetson Drizzler
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Jun 10, 2012
Posted By: Dennis B.
Location: Evanston, IL United States
Comments: The cap I purchased was exactly what I wanted. The personal service I got from Steve and his crew could not have been better.
Review Title: Perfect Fit
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Apr 05, 2012
Posted By: Deb K.
Location: South Holland , IL United States
Comments: I purchased the hat for my father. He is very particular, and he loved the hat -- it fit perfectly.
Review Title: Quality and Value
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Oct 30, 2011
Posted By: Dan B.
Location: Tulsa, OK United States
Comments: Stetson quality, good value.